Course Description for Integrated Chemistry/Biology (ICB I and II)

ICB I and II

Integrated Chemistry/Biology combines the first 2 years of high school science into a single course two years in length, which is team taught, and emphasizes the major concepts in biologym, chemistry, sceince and technology. The integration of science content strengthens the abliity to study fundamental science concepts and to learn the subject matter in a real world context. As noted in teh overview for the scince department, all students in all science courses will be engaged in scientific inquiry, problem solving and the develpment of critical thinking skills. ICB has three pillars which support the curriculm;meaningful content, unifying concepts and scientific habits of mind. The course arranges the biology and chemistry content from small to large, for example; atomic sructure, molecular geometry, macromolocule, cells, cell processes, properties of organisms, evolution and ecosystems. Concepts which unify the two sciences are emphasized throughout the course include: structure and function; systems, order, and organization; evidence and models; and constancy, change and measurement. Students also explore and develop scientific habits of mind which show how sicence distingusshes itself from other bodies of knowledge through use of valuese and attitudes, computation and estimation, manipulation and observation, communication, and critical response skills. LH ICB will include students: using multiple process skilss - manipulation, cogenitive, and procedural - simultaneously to develop inquiry skills; frequently working in more ambiguous, and complex problem-soving situations. Students will conduct a student directed summer research between the freshman and sophomore year in which the student selects the topic and timeframe for data collection. (It will not take all summer.)

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