C++ Programs

Program that gives back a word with one vowel. 1vowel.cpp

Gives back a chart of Body Mass Index between 2 weights for average heights. bmichart.cpp

Conversion of British Thermal Units to Joules btu2jou.cpp

Gives the height of the number of coke cans sold in 1975 in several ways. cokeheit.cpp

This program creates two apvectors of random numbers then compares them, and puts a number in a third apvector. dataitem.cpp

Tells teh day of the week of a given date. dayweek.cpp

Changes a number of days into a number of seconds. days2sec.cpp

Tells how long it would take to walk to the sun. dist2sun.cpp

Sings "Old McDonald". farmsong.cpp

My first cin program. Takes 2 scores and tells who won. firstcin.cpp

my first for loop. loop.cpp

Tells the max height of a bullet that leaves a gun at 960 feet per second. height.cpp

A program that tells pet peeves. hotbu.cpp

Changes a regular sentence into a classified ad form (no vowels). house.cpp

Shows the integer value of a key. key.cpp


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