ChrisRS84 (11:46:15 PM): hey man
ChrisRS84 (11:46:20 PM)
: good show tonight?
CvillePong (11:46:37 PM)
: yes
ChrisRS84 (11:47:38 PM): play anything mega-cool (version or just song itself)?
ChrisRS84 (11:49:00 PM)
: man, i can't wait for the show i'm going to... i'm so psyched
CvillePong (11:50:25 PM)
: which one
ChrisRS84 (11:50:39 PM): soldier show - saturday, and hopefully friday too
ChrisRS84 (11:50:46 PM)
: if i can get someone around here to go with me.
CvillePong (11:51:05 PM)
: if not go by yourself you find out alot about yourself going alone to a show
ChrisRS84 (11:51:21 PM): i went alone to alpine last year
ChrisRS84 (11:51:36 PM)
: last pavillion ticket - didn't have much of a choice :-)
ChrisRS84 (11:52:31 PM): only problem is i have no cash, and the money to buy the tix on friday is gonna be hard to get
ChrisRS84 (11:53:41 PM)
: seriously though - at alpine, i had tons of fun. great setlist, and great people near by for the most part(other than the damn 14 year old screaming girls next to me)
ChrisRS84 (11:55:59 PM)
: what's your favorite song to play?
CvillePong (11:57:07 PM)
: 41
ChrisRS84 (11:57:22 PM): that's a good song.
ChrisRS84 (11:57:39 PM)
: how come you guys haven't played Dreaming tree in a while?
CvillePong (11:59:27 PM)
: itll come back
ChrisRS84 (11:59:47 PM): bring it back at soldier! man, that'd be awesome
ChrisRS84 (12:00:03 AM)
: course, you probly get a million requests like that. :-) but it'd be cool
ChrisRS84 (12:01:06 AM)
: what'd you guys do at soundcheck today?
CvillePong (12:01:28 AM)
: typical situation, rapunzel
CvillePong (12:01:38 AM): i forgot already sorry it happens
CvillePong (12:01:45 AM): oh yes so right
ChrisRS84 (12:01:47 AM): hey man, i understand
CvillePong (12:02:04 AM)
: yeah im not 100% mind free either
ChrisRS84 (12:02:18 AM): mind free?
CvillePong (12:02:44 AM)
: my mind isnt clear right now
ChrisRS84 (12:02:57 AM): ah, got it
ChrisRS84 (12:04:26 AM)
: PNP->Rapnuzel is pretty cool as well, lots of energy there
CvillePong (12:05:02 AM)
: yeah i think we played that at soundcheck yesterday
CvillePong (12:05:05 AM): maybe today i dont remember
CvillePong (12:05:11 AM): i play too many songs
ChrisRS84 (12:05:28 AM): people love it though
ChrisRS84 (12:05:37 AM)
: it's better than playin the same thing over and over
CvillePong (12:05:52 AM)
: yes. weve been changing our sets up a bit
ChrisRS84 (12:06:22 AM): unlike most crap artists that play the same shit over and over
ChrisRS84 (12:07:53 AM)
: "forget about being guilty we are innocent instead" - what song is that from?
ChrisRS84 (12:08:05 AM)
: i can hum it, but i can't remember the darn title... :-(