ChrisRS84: hey man... not so late today :-)
CvillePong: just finished soundcheck
ChrisRS84: soundcheck?
ChrisRS84: soundcheck for what?
ChrisRS84: you in a band? i think i asked you that earlier, you never answered...
CvillePong: yeah i am
ChrisRS84: cool... how'd the soundcheck go?
CvillePong: good
ChrisRS84: if you have a concert tonight (knoxville?) shouldn't you be gettin ready for that, not messin around on aol? :-)
CvillePong: i have 3 hours to kill
ChrisRS84: i see
ChrisRS84: what're you guys playin tonight?
CvillePong: not much else to do. i talk to my family through here
ChrisRS84: that's cool. i talk to some distant relatives that i found on here - second cousins once removed or something like that. it's cool that they live literally 2000 miles away and we can sit here and talk.
ChrisRS84: do anything cool at soundcheck?
CvillePong: yeah some good oldies
ChrisRS84: really? me and julio again? :-) or heathcliff's haikui warriors?
CvillePong: no
ChrisRS84: i don't know much oldies, i guess.
ChrisRS84: are you guys gonna swing by alpine valley again this summer?
ChrisRS84: i went to that show last year, it was mega cool
ChrisRS84: well, since you don't seem to be talking, maybe i'll just shut up.
CvillePong: im sorry i have too many people trying to talk to me
ChrisRS84: i know the feeling :-) sorry, that was a dumb thing to say.
ChrisRS84: well, good luck, whatever you play tonight
CvillePong: any requests
ChrisRS84: play seek up! :-)
ChrisRS84: or does that one not fit in :-\
ChrisRS84: if not seek up - dreaming tree would work good too!
ChrisRS84: my 2 fav songs.
CvillePong signed off at 4:23:35 PM.