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As many of you may already know, i saw DMB on both of their dates this tour at Soldier field - July 6th and 7th. I have also seen the band perform at Alpine Valley on August 20th of 2000, and at the Allstate Arena show last winter - December 4th. Although i have not written thorough reviews of all these shows, i can assure that I have not yet had a bad experience while sitting back and enjoying some great DMB music. For those of you who don't know, DMB is:

Dave Matthews - A South African with a mellow accoustic flavor, this man was the instigator of the group. Although his flair for creativity is definatly lacking, he does hold a certain power over his concert goers. Many people base their opinions of the band solely on the studio albums, but anyone with more than a passing interest can tell you that the only way to really appreciate Dave Matthews lyrical and musical power is in a live setting.

Boyd Tinsley - The former classical violinist turned rock star was recruited by Dave during his bartending days back at Millers in Virginia. Now playing a n electric violin, Boyd still uses his classical style training to help him produce extensive solos throughout many different songs in the DMB repotiore.

Carter Bueford - The drummer of the band, Carter is considered by many to be a "God" of his instrument. Carting around a large drumset isn't just for show - in almost every song Carter exhibits a masterful display of what a percussionist can do to reinforce the band. As Dave once said "Carter back there, could fry an egg back there and still play the baddest drums you ever seen" - and that's not an exageration. Without seeming to even exhibit an effort, the masterful Bueford carries a charisma that shows he isn't just doing his job - he's having a great time playing with some of the best popular musicians around.

LeRoi Moore - The saxman in the band, Moore does more than just "toot his own horn." On such songs as Jimi Thing, #41, and Seek Up, Roi plays his heart out on many different instruments. In one concert, you will often see him use as many as 6 instruments, among them flute, baritone saxaphone, and pennywhistles given to hm by fellow African Big Voice Jack. IN addition to exhibiting his mastery of many different instruments, Roi holds a subdued tone through out many showings. At most shows he will be seen only in the shadows, not in the spotlight. Even at night, sunglasses are worn by this examplary player to show that he doesn't consider himself to be better than anyone else - just playing his instrument like anyone else would. A listen to his solos however, produces an amazing reaction, as Moore definatly exhibits talent to an extreme.

Stefan Lessard - An upright bassist before his days with the band, Lessard also tends to keep to the shadows of the stage. However, being asked to join a rock band at the extremly young age of 16 proves that Lessard is no kid when it comes to bass. A switch to electric bass came when he joined the band, and Lessard has proved masterul in this medium. Showcased in such songs as Crush and with a special introduction to the Dylan cover All Along the Watchtower, the bassist is definatly no small potatoes in this band. A musical prodigy from the start, his playing has earned him the nickname "bassmutha" by some of his more earnest fans. Also, Lessard is sometimes called Lizzard - he is well known for a liking towards lizards, and this is shown by the lizards he keeps on his monitors at every concert.

If you'd like any of the shows that i have, email me to let me know. crschmidt@avenew.com.I will sometimes do B+P's, and most times i will offer them in the newsgroup (alt.music.dave-matthews) first. I am almost always willing to trade, so if you are looking for something, let me know.

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