ChrisRS84: what should i add to my web page?
cinderellababe13: what the hell....i sooo havent talked to u in a while...did u just IM me because u wanted to ask me that? if so, thats pretty fuckin gay
cinderellababe13: I'm a bitch hi how are u>?
ChrisRS84: i'm fine, i think
ChrisRS84: but my head hurts now
ChrisRS84: you hurt my head :'(
cinderellababe13: why'd u im me again?
cinderellababe13: good
ChrisRS84: and it's not like its totally my fault that we haven't talked in a while: you never im me, i was trying to start a conversation, and that's what i was thinking about
cinderellababe13: u sound like a drama queen booho
ChrisRS84: sorry, never mind, i'll just take you off my buddy list if thats how you feel
cinderellababe13: u talk about school all the time u make feel stupid
ChrisRS84: ummm, i'm not even in school yet.
cinderellababe13: well not my fault u got kicked out
ChrisRS84: and any thing that makes you feel stupid is not an attempt on my part to do so
ChrisRS84: what do you mean i got kicked out?
ChrisRS84: school starts tuesday...
ChrisRS84: are you mad at just me? or is this something that is across your whole life for some reason
ChrisRS84: because i really don't get it.
cinderellababe13: yeah your across my whole life baby
ChrisRS84: no i'm not
cinderellababe13: don't lie u kow the effect uhave on me
ChrisRS84: i've never talked to you outside of aim...i don't even remember your real name!
cinderellababe13: u ryhme man u rule
ChrisRS84: i'm confused, before you were pissed, now you sound like i'm your whole life...
ChrisRS84: it was totally accidantal, and now my head really hurts.
cinderellababe13: we want what we can't have I can't have ahot studd like u
ChrisRS84: "what i want is what i've not got....but what i neeeeed is all around me..."
ChrisRS84: -dave matthews
ChrisRS84: Jimi Thing
cinderellababe13: I change my mind again I don't like u your not my life
ChrisRS84: good, i don't think any 1 person should be your whole life
ChrisRS84: sometimes it may seem that way, but it doesn't usually last long...
cinderellababe13: yeah for me it lasted like 2 seconds till u started being a prick!!!!!
ChrisRS84: arn't all teenage males pricks? at least at heart, even if not on the outside?
cinderellababe13: keep preachin' brother not cuz u sound like a FAG how old are u how the hell do u think u know so much about life?
ChrisRS84: i don't know crap about life
ChrisRS84: i just know what i've seen, from my personal expreiences
ChrisRS84: and i was just sharing what i've seen, my personal experiences
cinderellababe13: your personal experiences suck!@!
ChrisRS84: taht's a good attitude
ChrisRS84: and i'm 16, just so you know
cinderellababe13: isn't it though I love it so see I can ryhme too don't feel special
ChrisRS84: i wasn't trying to rhyme. as i already said.
cinderellababe13: ooh, as u already said, eh?
ChrisRS84: ummm.... yes?
ChrisRS84: why the hell are you picking apart everything i say? i don't get it.... i was just trying to ask your opinion...
cinderellababe13: well what teh ehll gives u the right to do that
ChrisRS84: lol!
cinderellababe13: ye ah laugh at me like everyone else
ChrisRS84: i didn't realize it was a crime to ask some1's opinion :-)
ChrisRS84: i've just never heard any1 deny me the right to even *ask* there opinion.
cinderellababe13: well uhave now
ChrisRS84: people tell me that i won't get an answer, but not that i shouldn't ask :-)
cinderellababe13: well screw what people tell u
ChrisRS84: inculding you?
ChrisRS84: so i should ignore everything you've said
cinderellababe13: sure take the advice of the non opnion giver
ChrisRS84: i was just wondering, making sure i understood you right.
cinderellababe13: well understand shit
ChrisRS84: shit is pretty funny. especially when other people step in it, or are being one.
cinderellababe13: well just try to understand it
cinderellababe13: hel;l90ooopooi

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cinderellababe13: Fag
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