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All right, they're here again - movie reviews. I don't see enough movies to keep this page up, but if someone wants to send me some, or write a page or two themselves (gasp) i'll take em and link em here.

The Matrix

This movie is probably one of the greatest movies of all time, IMHO. The movie begins in the world we all know - the world of 1999. As the movie continues and the plot unfolds we realize that the world that we think we know is merely an illusion. Our minds are being played as a part of virtual reality program of the future, while the energy of our bodies is used to power the needs of "The Machines" - our worst enemies in the future. As Artificial Intelligence grew to a point where it could learn for itself, the machines rebelled. Humans attempted to use dust to block out solar energy that powered their worst enemies. It was thought that without this massive source of energy, the machines could not survive. The AI was able to overcome even this, and a new reality was created. Humans of the year 2200 no longer live and die - they are harvested for the use of their own enemies. The movie tells of Neo and his efforts to rebel against the machines. With the amazing special affects it is known for, incredible soundtrack, stunning imagery - this movie has it all, and then some. If you havne't seen it, this is one to see!

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