Robert's Page

Here are some biking pictures from trips along the way. There is not much
here yet. Maybe more later.
Here is Tony's first (kid's size) mountain bike. The second bike was a full size frame. This
picture is before he got his Manitou SX front suspension fork.
Here is my second. The GT got passed on to the kids and the Stumpjumper is now mine.
Although it now too has a Manitou SX-ti for a front fork.

When you go to Missouri, watch out for the muddy spots. This was at a State Park during
some bridge construction. They kinda didn't mention that the bridge was out of service.

Here is a pose before a ride at the John Muir trails in South Kettle Morraine. This is one
busy trail system. This is an old picture with everyone on their first bike. Each of these bikes
is now either retired or passed on to a different person in the picture.


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