Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon:Weekdays at 3:00 central on Cartoon Network!

There are five Sailor Scouts: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter. There are also many other characters on the show: Mr. Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Rini, and many more.

Mr. Tuxedo Mask: Always shows up to help when the Scouts are in trouble.As a signature piece, Tuxedo Mask always leaves a red rose behind. He can use his red rose to announce his presence, or throw it directly at an enemy to neutralize them, but to do so weakens him considerably. Darien finds "Meatball Head" a source of amusement and annoyance.Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon have a very special bond that began when they met on the Moon. Andrew is Darien's best friend.

Sailor Moon: Earth Name: Serena. Has a special bond with Tuxedo Mask. Has a cat named Luna that can talk. Like all Jr. high school girls, Serena's got a healthy appetite. The children of the Moon were sent to Earth to protect them from the Negaverse.

Sailor Mercury: Earth name: Amy. As Sailor Mercury, Amy's special power allows her to spray her enemies with foam bubbles that temporarily blind them. Amy can analyze almost anything with her compact computer.

Sailor Mars: Earth name: Raye. Raye is easily frustrated by Serena's antics. Raye goes out of her way to get a date with Darien. She is also good at helping her grandfather.

Sailor Venus: Earth Name:Mina. Artemis:Sailor V's guardian cat who is a friend and confidant to all the Sailor Scouts. The Scouts are complete when they discover Sailor V. Sailor V was considered a superhero in her own right before she teamed up with the Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Jupiter: Earth Name: Lita. As Sailor Jupiter, Lita is able to unleash an electrical power of a thunderstorm on a foe. Lita towers over all of the Sailor Scouts. Ken is Lita’s best friend. Melvin thinks of Lita as a "martial arts psychopath."

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