Frequently Asked Questions about the "Lillywhite Sessions"

1. What are the Lillywhite sessions?
2. How were they released?
3. How can i get a copy?
4. What is the track listing for the lillywhites?
5. What does tLWS, TLS, LS and all the rest mean?

1Q.What are the Lillywhite sessions?
1A."The Lillywhite Sessions" was to be an album released in April of 2000, that DMB had been working on with producer Steve Lillywhite. However, recording stalled, and the boys didn't finish their recording of the album before the summer 2000 tour. On this tour, many different songs from this upcoming album were played, such as Grey Street, Sweet Up and Down, and more. The album was rescheduled to be released after the summer tour. However, more delays ensued. Although it is not known specifically why the album was scrapped, it is known that Glen Ballard was brought in to work with the band to create a totally new album. Thus, Everday was created, and the Lillywhites were tossed in the incomplete pile with such other songs as MacHead. However, studio versions of these tracks were released to the public, first through napster, then in a high quality SHN format. However, at first it was difficult to determine which files were which, and a small group of people spent time doing different tests to ensure that the best quality copy of the tracks out there was compiled. In early 2001, they completed the task and distributed these tracks, giving us the high quality copy of the Lillywhite sessions we have today.

2Q. How were they released?
2A. It is unknown how the Lillywhite Sessions were released. It is believed they were leaked by someone close to the band who had a copy of the cd. Rumors that it was Dave, or Steve Lillywhite himself have circulated in various groups, but at this point in time the exact source of the tracks in unknown.

3Q. How can i get a copy?
3A. By looking at different trader pages, you can find someone who will be willing to either trade or B+P this disk for you. All of the people at the Lillywhites page have this show, and many would be willing to offer a trade or B+P to help out.

4Q. What is the track listing for the lillywhites?
Disc One:

01: Busted Stuff - 04:03:62
02: Grey Street - 05:51:32
03: Digging a Ditch - 04:21:64
04: Sweet Up & Down - 04:40:20
05: JTR - 05:34:20
06: Big Eyed Fish - 05:14:02
07: Grace Is Gone - 05:10:09
08: Captain - 05:25:09
09: Bartender - 10:07:40
10: Monkey Man - 07:19:15
11: Kit-Kat Jam - 05:31:54
12: Raven - 06:24:62

Total: - 69:46:14

5Q. What does tLWS, TLS, LS and all the rest mean?
5A. All these are shortcuts for typing out "The Lillywhite Sessions". The most commonly used one is "tLWS" to avoid any confusion with listener supported or any other official releases.

6Q. Does everyone (especially the band) agree that we should want to and/or be able to download, listen to, and further distribute the Lillywhite Sessions?
6A. Most fans agree that the Lillywhite Sessions should be distributed among the uninitiated and enjoyed by all. Originally, there was a considerable number of people who felt that tLWS should not have been released en masse (via Napster, etree, etc.) to avoid drawing the wrath of individual Dave Matthews Band members, but recent interviews with the band show that the band cares very little about people's actions now that tLWS are in the open. However, there still exists a small (but persistent) fraction of DMB fans who feel that the release of tLWS represents a violation of the relationship between artist and fan. The vocal fans who continue to avoid listening to and distributing the Lillywhite Sessions are considered extremists by the general listening population and are treated as if they have some sort of leprous condition (such as a conscience). It is rumored that the band will release "official" versions of the Lillywhite Sessions, and these dedicated, deprived lunatics have decided to wait until then to hear songs such as Monkey Man, Kit Kat Jam, and a full-band Captain. For more information on this alleged cult of tLWS-avoiders, please contact their President, Leader, and Intergalactic Dictator Russell Steele>, for details.