Tutorial for Mp3s


What is an Mp3? An mp3 is a type of music file that has become popular recently because it is small enough to download. It condenses the song size into a much smaller format. This means that it can be downloaded, and many songs can be stored on a hard drive.

Are Mp3s illegal? Technically, it is illegal to have any mp3s of songs that you do not own. However, the only cases in which people have been prosecuted for having illegal mp3s are when those people advertise or try and sell mp3s. This is obviously not a good idea. However, if you wish to test a song, it is legal to download an mp3 and delete it within 24 hours. As I stated before however, there is no precedent for a person with a small collection to be prosecuted for having them.

Where is the best place to get mp3s? Typically, people would have to use web searches or ftp searches to find mp3s. However, there is a program called Napster that can make the process easier. This program allows you to log into a server and share your mp3s. You can then search through the music libraries of the other users that are logged on to that server. This program is better than web searches in several ways. First, with web searches there are many broken links. This is not true with napster. Second, FTP searches often require uploads prior to downloads. Once again, this is not neccesary with napster. You do not need to be sharing mp3s to download on napster. It is absolutely free (so far) and that is not always true with web searches. There are no ads and no catch. Napster is currently in version 2.0, beta 5A. Download it at www.napster.com.

How big are mp3s? mp3s are about 1 megabyte per minute. This is very small. A collection of 30 songs would take 100 megabytes of space, only 1/100th of the size of most of todays hard drives. In other words, they are tiny. :-)

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