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I have a new diary!!! My diary at opendiary is cooler than this one ever was - and you can leave notes and everything! i won't updat4e this one anymore, so definatly come and visit me in my new home!

10-11-01 (aka part IV)
Parade was after school on friday (we got out at 1:30 for the 2:30 parade). It was fun, and our float won, as did all of our stuff. It's the first time in a long time seniors have swept. "The last class of STC - THE BEST CLASS OF STC!" Anyway, on friday night i went ot the game. Wore my scholastic bowl shirt and the saints sweats. We kicked ass, as we knew we would. Won 40-0. It was our last home football game ever though :-( really sad. I tried to take some pictures but they came out pretty shitty. I have em anyway, but htey suck. I had a great time at the game. Went to baker's square afterwards, there was a bunch of drill teamers there - i don't have a clue where all the cheerleaders went :-). Had a good time there, didn't order anything, just wandered around talking to different people until they kicked me out (not literally, but they were giving me bad looks). Went home, went online for a bit, then went to bed. Saturday - slept late. Til like 10. Then i got up, and i decided to clean out the van, since that's teh car we were gonna be going in. I took all the crap out, vaccumed out the bottom, beat out the floor mats, and in general did a pretty good job of cleaning it out. Picked up the corsage around 2ish when i got done with that and just killed time until the dance. Went over to nikki's house around 5:10, stopped and got the van washed on the way. Got there at 5:30 - before my date, and before either nikki or becca was ready. So, we just sat around there waiting for everyone to show up. Palmer showed up, then jessie, then justin. They all brought their family members with them. We took a bunch of pictures of just us and the whole group and whatnot. After that, we stopped by jewel to get another camera for nikki, then went to eaglebrook for dinner. We got put at a table just for 6, because they couldn't get 14 at one table. so, we continued to be our own little group. We also showed up and left earlier than our other half. So, we were basically our own group for the night. Food was good at the CC, but it was 8:40 before we got out of there, and that was only because we didn't want to miss the entry time to the dance. Our server was quinn, who looked like it was his first night on the job - he did good. We got to the dance just before 9, and went in. We put our coats and jackets and stuff over on the bleachers. We wandered around for a while just talking to jessie's friends and my friends. then we went back to our group, danced for a bit, then went and got pictures taken. at this point, we both agreed that the music really sucked, and so did having the dance in the sports complex. But hey, it's life. anyway, we got pictures taken (i think they'll look good), and went back to dancing. I wandered around by myself for a while, talking to all my friends who were moshing in the middle :-) everyone looked really cool. And i had a hot date :-) We left the dance at the end (around 11) and drove over to nikki's house. we decided to go to frank souda's house (sp?) but then we saw frank and he told us he wasn't going back there. So, we just went back to nikki's and hung out there until 1am or so. Then i went home. That was my homecoming night. Sunday - I was bored, and half my gorup couldn't do anything, so i decided i'd go online and see what was going on, since i couldn't find any groups that were going to great america. So, while online i talked to ashley stinton, who told me that al keefe and his group had been planning on going to chicago to see a comedy thing. So, i called al up, and mary karson, and checked with them, and they said if i could get tickets, i was welcome to come. So, i got THE LAST ticket with my credit card by going online (box office was sold out), then went apple picking with parents. We got a 20 lb bag of apples, some really good cider, some muffin mix and some donuts that were really good too. Then i came back, and just hung out until 4:30ish, when i took off for the train station. Met alex, skup, mary, pentek, dina piazza, dan racine, lauren hewell, chris jones, al keefe and nat church there, we got on the train and rode into chicago together. Got to chi-town around 6:10 or so, got 3 taxis and took them to the NE corner of north and wells - the home of Second City, the birthplace of SNL. Then we wandered around, got some starbux, and went to a jamba juice to get some smoothies (that were pretty good). We then went into the show, which was a bar/resteraunt thing, with little tables every couple of chairs. We saw katie woodward and steve simon while we were waiting. funny taht they just showed up in the same place :-). It was a hilarious show! so funny... we stayed for the improv stuff, which was great too. Kind of a "who's line is it anyway" style thing. After that, we took taxi's back to the train station, and hung out there for an hour til we could get on the train. Everyoen grabbed their own seats on the train (pretty much) and we slept on the way back. Rolled back into town around 1am. People said they were going to go to al's house to hang out for a while - turned out it was just me and nat and al. It was fun anyway - he has a HUGE house. We stayed there until 2 or so, then al took nat home, and i went back and fell asleep. Monday, i went over to shawn clancy's house at night and played capture the flag for 2 hours, then we went inside and just hung out til midnight. Then i went home. Worked tuesday, school wednesday, now it's thursday and i need a nap before i go to work. So, have a nice day - it's good to be caught up!

10-8-01 (aka part III)
When that started, we were kicking ass. then 10 more juniors jumped out and started pulling. at this point, the rope stopped. then, the seniors continued to inch backwards. However, as all the juniors got a good grip, they started to win - so all the seniors let go, because it was obvious they were cheating. The juniors were disqualified, and got a big ole 0 for that event. After that, the seniors went on to beat the faculty in a period of approximately 7 seconds. It wasn't even a contest, not with brody on our team pulling :-). The arms on that kid are about 3 feet around, i think. Anyway, next thing was announcing of king/queen. Sally Smith (yay!) and johnny atkocaitis (who now?) won it. Sally is awesome, and i don't have a clue who johnny is, although i know what he looks like now. Anyway, after small games i went to bakers square. hung out there with amy (from econ) and a couple other people. I was still wearing my batman stuff under my sweats :-). Saw a bunch of people there... we actually had a group in the corner threaten to kill us cause we were being too noisy. We ordered a whole cheesecake, which we only finished half of. It was really good though. Anyway, after that, i just went home, which is a good thing cause i hadn't even read my lit circle book (i'm still behind) and i needed to. Friday - Homecoming game day! Orange and black day, which most people participted in. by this point in the week, most of us are exhausted from v-ball game, assembly, and everything else. I don't remember much about the morning... just kind of drifted through 1st hour. we didn't do anything in 2/3, not that that is surprising. Econ we tried to do some work until haymond figured out we were all falling asleep. Span V - not bad, got some candy, so it was cool. 6 - More excitement, since i sit with cheerleaders at lunch :-). 7 - I was late, so i got to sing. i choose to sing "this is how we do it" and did a rather rousing rendition of it (if i do say so myself). 8 - we played soccer. i got a bloody nose, but i was fine by the end. and i need to go to sleep, because it's 2:40 in the mroning and i'm losing conciousness. I'll keep going later, i promise. -Chris

10-6-01 part II
Anyway, the cheerleaders looked awesome. And jessie looked great (not that she doesn't always)... she seemed more energetic than usual (hard to imagine, imho). Anyway. After that, there was the band, then the drum line came out. Which was cool, cause they did a bunch of cool things with different parts of the drums. After that, the Varsity drill team came out. One thing i've noticed as a senior is that i pay way more attention to all this stuff, because i know so many more of the people. Anyway, i was next to danny z., and we were both trying to follow along a little bit, because his homecoming date (jackie wetzel) is on the team. However, those girls are all a lot better at that kind of stuff than we are. For example, i can't jump, do splits in the air, while tossing pom-pons (sp?) catch someone elses, land and not kill myself - whereas each of those 24 girls can do that. Just a slight difference, ya know? :-) But, they looked awesome, just like the cheerleaders did. (And no, i won't say which one was better - it's a totally different type of dance, it's like comparing apples to oranges). After that, i took off from the crowd so i could go get ready for the trike race. found shawn. then we found nikki marino, and lizzie eyer as they had changed into their outfits - knee high red boots, big ole red wigs, etc. At this poitn, i'm still in my regular outfit. Small games went in the order of suitcase race (seniors got 4th :-/), orange pass (1st), and then, the most important one of the night (and interesting, as it turned out) was the trike race. 1st race (as usual) was was freshman v. juniors. Freshman got whomped :-(. But it's expected. They still had WAY more spirit than the sophmore class did - i can't wait until they're seniors, cause it's gonna be amazing what they do. (People said that about the class of 2002 as well...) Then it was seniors v. sophmores. As shawn was walking down to the other end, (with lizzie), he ripped off his outerwear and became super-senior-shawn. As he was doing that, i became batman. Nikki didn't notice, and when she turned around and saw me she did a double take :-). Anyway, we got off to a good start. I was first, and with the little practicei had gotten on monday night, i took off. unfortunatly, i endo-ed (right over the handlebars) about halfway down. Got back upright, then kept on going. Still beat the sophmore to the other end. Passed off to lizzie. The race was getting tight at that point. When she got there, it was basically tied. Then nikki took off - sophmores fell way behind at this point. As they got down to our side, it was obvious that they had broken the seat on their trike. Too bad for them, i suppose. anyway, we beat them by a whole length as they tried to figure out what the hell to do. Personally, i think we would have won anyway, but they complained. Dandre decided not to do a redo. Jesse (the yo-yo kid) was pissed... but that's life. Anyway, the trike no longer had a seat, so we had to figure out what to do. We decided to make it a "scoot on the back of the trike" race. The next race was soph v. shmen (the loser race). It was going good, much faster, until the 'shmen lost a wheel. These trikes weren't meant to be ridden as scooters, and the wheel just popped off. Because of the impediment, the race was redone. It turned into a "hold the trike and run" race at this point. Freshman class and sophmore class were very close, but in the end the soph-o-mores pulled ahead to win. Next was the juniors v. the seniors. Once again, batman (me) was first. I ran as fast as i could, but we still fell behind on the first leg. The two girls more than made up for it though. Nikki and lizzie may be short, but they can run faster than the wind if need be. leaving shawn (our 4th runner) starting with a significant lead on the juniors. At about the halfway mark, shawn started hotdoggin, holding the trike up in the air as he ran. The race was very close at the end, but after considerable deliberation, the seniors were declared winners of this event. Superman and Batman were definatly the heros of the night, despite the heroic efforts of Nikki and Lizzie. However the trike race was not the last event. After this, there was the tug-o-war. In the freshman v. sophmore match, the sophmores almost had the match made... until the freshmen got their second wind. From being within a foot of victory, the sophmores were pulled all the way back to the other side, and declared the third place winners of the tug-o-war. The next match was between the juniors and seniors. More later...

So much has happened in the past 3 days, it's almost impossible to tell it all. I'm gonna do my best though. Thursday was the day of the small games assembly. They started passing out tickets to get in before school even started - if it was in the sports complex it was gonna be a maximum of 1300 students. (teachers, parents, band, small games and everything got to get in without one). They announced at the start of 6th hour that it was going to be in the sports complex. I was really dissapointed at that point - i was afraid lots of people wouldn't be able to get in. Anyway... around 5:45 i started getting ready - put on my batman pj's made for a 5 year old, then wore seniros shirt and sweat pants over it so no one would see it. Got there, found out that i wasn't supposed to be there til 6:30, when i had thought it was 6. So, i hung out in the foyer of the sports complex for a while, waiting til i could get in. Troy Spolum showed up, and i was like "what game are you doing?" cause i didn't remember him being on the list. He says 'I'm doing trike race." and my head goes whoa.... wait a minute. Shawn is supposed to do that with me. And it would suck if i was batman, and there was no superman with me. So, i talk to him and find out troy had gotten a call on weds. telling him he was in. Shawn showed up later (around 6:35, after we were in) and he told me that people thought that he was sick, so troy was gonna do it, but he told em he was fine. So, troy got denied on that count, which sucked for him, and i felt really bad, but i was glad to have super-shawn in it with me. At that point, the place is starting to fill up, and i realize that we're gonna be facing each other - seniors+soph on one side, juniors + 'shmen on the other. That's plus #1 for doing it in the sports complex right there. Anyway, we just hung around til the assembly started. each of the cheerleading teams was doing their routines before the assembly started. The first thing that happened was the presentation of homecoming court. They all walked in, looking all spiffy and everything. Then the action got started, with the whole colorguard (JV and Varsity). They did a cool presentation thingy. Then, just the varsity team did another routine. Then, out came the JV drill team. They were dressed in cool outfits. Red tops, and the standard drill team black pants. they looked really good, well practiced. After that was teh cheerleading routine. Now, maybe it's just cause i know practically the whole team now, but i think that these girls did a REALLY awesome job. Especially since they changed their whole routine in the past 2 weeks or so. They looked incredible - everyone knew what was going on, and the seniors especially looked like they were having a kick ass time. I think it's amazing how much work they put into a sport - and how little credit they get for it. Anyway - they looked really good. and they did a little dance thing with matt (shumacher, the one male cheerleader) in the lead. It looked pretty fun :-) So many people were flying all over the place... and, there is always those few girls who can do stuff that's not humanly possible - like kara richard having her leg go straight up her side... its amazing to me. Agh- gotta go clean out the car i'm driving to homecoming, be back and writing more later, hopefully. Have fun at the dance, all you kiddies!

Yesterday was PJ day. Very fun, felt strange not to change in the morning. I forgot grumpy at home though, kinda sucked. He woulda been a nice pillow in a lot of the classes i was in. Today is the volleyball game and teh math meet :-/ I'm really shitted, because i really want to do both, but they're at the same time. I'll figure something out i suppose. Classes - Calc is good, fairly easy right now. just got 24/25 on a quiz. Physics is fun, no homework the past 2 days. Connell is chilling on us for homecoming week. 2nd hour is when we count for homecoming participation, and cole was in that class. He really looked like he belongs in the 60's. Glasses, headband, shirt, everything. He never grew out of a decade he wasn't even part of. Econ is awesome, haymond is a great teacher. Spanish sucks, but i think i probly did pretty well on the test today, it was easier than i expected and we reviewed right before class. Penny day during lunch - oh my gosh. We had (literally) 40-50 times as much as the highest other class (juniors). Seniors may not be the most energetic at the assembly, but they kick ass in participation. Our float is also done, and our display case kicks ass. Our wall - eh. But it's better than the juniors, whose wall thing FELL OFF the wall and got taken away by the janitors. :-) Sucks for them. I htink our float is gonna kick this year, there is no way anything the others have is gonna be anywhere close to as good. Back to school stuff - english AP is really confusing, reading milton's "Paradise Lost" and it's going totally over my head. Damn epic poetry. HOmework hsa been pretty low profile this week - most likely cause teachers nkow anything they assign is not gonna get done. Ordered jessies corsage last night, to be picked up on sunday from 5th avenue flowers. We're all set for eating at eaglebrook, even though people are having problems *grr*. I need to buy tickets to morrow. Other than that i think i'm pretty set. Tomorrow is college apparel day... i probly need to borrow aunt mary's U of i sweatshirt again. Small games tomorrow night - i'm in the trike race, we're gonna kick so much ass it's not even funny. Plus shawn and i went and got special suits - we're gonna look so kick. They're too small, but it's cool. Senior power all the way... Some juniors were theorizing that they might win the spirit stick this year - not a chance. We have them beat by 400 kids and by points in everything else :-). Kaylnn is excited now cause steve calls her on the phone. She just doesn't understand that he likes her. I don't know what she wants, an engraved statement? I mean, give me a break, the guy is flirting with her constantly, etc. I don't know what she wants :-). I see her freshman sister all the time at school now. I think she just follows me around or something :-). I broke my diary up into 2 parts because it was getting too big to load and reload everytime. If you want older entries (before september) then you have to click on the page 2 link on the bottom. My car is running alright now, unlike before. Cooling fan is complaining though, so i'll probly have to take it in after this. Dinner for homecoming is at 7 at eaglebrook - we'll probly end up not getting to the dance until 9. and then pictures... etc. What a pain. O well, i'm not gonna complain. I think it's cool i didn't have to worry about reservatiosn , which is all that matters to me. Anyway... i should go get ready, cause i'm gonna stay on here forever if i don't leave soon. Have a good time in the rest of the homecoming week, and don't forget to cheer for me in the trike race at the stadium tomorrow!! Later... - Christopher Robert Schmidt

Homecoming week! Criggidy crazy... The assembly was outside in the stadium, which kind of sucked. there was very little energy because of the lack of roof on the place. The energy just went out the roof like the heat goes out your head when you don't wear a hat in the winter. It was still pretty damn fun, but our class was pretty dissapointing. They didn't even stand up most of the time. However, the sea of red was in attendance, which was exciting. Also, i'm a flirking senior this year, which is exciting no matter how you slice it. The senior cheerleaders looked pretty good - although the soph and frosh ones weren't the greatest. But it's ok because we all know seniors rule the school. Our cheerleaders had pretty cool outfits. No one did any homework that was due today - it was nuts. But it's great, because now i'm not the only one. I did write an econ paper that turned out pretty good in my opinion. We'll see what haymond says. Kara and i had a talk about her feelings about autumn. I feel bad for her sometimes, but i don't know if i should or not because i don't know if the shit that people say about her is just to be mean, or it's actually true... As i told kara, she knows her better than i do, since i'm just a kid going about my life. My car window is back together, after it slid off the track somehow when i was putting it down. I also pulled about 10 pounds of grass/sod out of there - no idea how that got there. It's nuts - like someone stole my car and was driving it around. And the damn battery is dead so i can't drive it anywhere - all my red senior paint going to waste! But i should have it by weds night, when the first event is. Tomorrow is PJ day, that should be cool. Wednesday is penny day and "dress your decade" as well as the volleyball game. Tomorrow is the north v. east buttwhooping. We'll kick their asses so easy :-). I have reservations for eaglebrook country club for dinner on saturday. I don't have to work all this week, which is so good. Trike race on thursday, where teh seniors will win. WE're going to get uniforms for that tomorrow after school. I need to bum some money off the parents for that. Our float for senior year is looking to kick ass. We're leaving such a mess behind in some cases though :-) The entire parking lot where we were is covered with glitter... it just glimmers as you walk in it. I can't tell what it is - cause non-seniors could read this!! But it will win, no doubt in my mind. We've got the man that some have called "God" working on it - Alex Karp. He is quite the amazing leader in this project. Senior year... this is what it's all about baby. Going crazy, not doing work, and banding together to lay the smackdown on the frosh, soph, and junior classes. Alright, i think i am just babbling, so i'm gonna stop now and talk some more. Happy Homecoming!!!!

Had SO much energy tonight at Charlestowne. We had a 1.5 hour orientation meeting in which we basically got all the rules laid out for us. Basically, it's gonna be a lot harder to goof around, because the place is so much bigger. Also, they want 6000 people per weekend. It's craziness. I think this place is gonna kill classic cinemas. But that's just me. ALl of you come see a movie on friday - it's our opening day, almost everyone will be working, i'm sure. I was jumping all over the place. It's just so huge! and we have a arcade - we have galactica! i'm so excited. Mall employees get to come in tomorrow - 15 or so of us are working. Kaylnn is really confusing me lately, cause she is always talking about how she doens't know if steve likes her or not or whatever - but the kid comes out like 2 nights a week to see her, and that's 3 hours a week that he spends JUST DRIVING out to see her. The guy likes her, and she refuses to admit it, even though she's in love with him or whatever. Man, hopefully steve doesn't see this :-). Homecoming in 1.5 weeks! i'm really excited! i didn't get on HCcourt :-( apparently i was fairly close though. only 1/4th of our class voted, according to Martha Skup. Which is really piss poor if you ask me. I think that just sucks. Talk about voter apathy. Anyway, i think i'm gonna go to bed earlier tonight, cause i stayed up too late last night talking to Sam from north. Course, if she knew my brother it would be good because he has been leaving some pretty crazy stuff in his open diary. I love reading all these things, it's too bad most people don't update them more often. My email is broken - if you want to send me something, use . For right now, that's the only one that works. Work is just gonna be so crazy at regal. I'm up for my 3 month performance review in about 2 weeks - based on how i've been treated lately, i want supervisor pay, damnit. i've been doing the work to deserve it, it seems. Same thing for kaylnn - she has been doing inventory, etc. everything like that that nicole or mike or dave or something would normally do. If she stays, i definatly think she deserves a big ole raise, cause she's been taking care of a lot of shit that really should be a supervisors job. There is no reason that we need two supervisors during the day every day and none at night - that indicates to me that someone isn't doing the hiring and promoting right. However, i don't know anything, obviously since i had only been working at foxfield 2 months before it closed, and now regal is opening which is gonna be totally different. anyway, on to other stuff. Had a good long talk with susie today about some stuff, including homecoming court. Sally Smith, Lauren Hewell, Julie Ness, Mary Karson, Nicole Nelson, Brian Schmidt, Chris Powell, Alex Zietz, Johnny, and Matt Shumacher is our senior homecoming court. There's some people on there who i think are great - and others that i think really shouldn't be the representatives of our class. However, i talked it out and i'm fine with it now. I win my bet with all the cheerleaders that said i was gonna win though - no money, but i get my piece of mind back. Someone asked me - "what about prom?". I said, by prom, i hope to be so utterly out of the spotlight that no one will even know me. This is my last big chance, and it's gone. That's life though, because people are dumb :-) they don't know i'm always the best guy for the job. PE leaders today sucked - we had a control freak substitute who the kids couldn't help but go against. We were taking notes and they were constantly talking just to test her. I did get all my homework done in there though, which is good. Read part of The Koran, the Islamic Bible, basically. IT's a very different style. It uses "exhortive" writing, which is basically saying that it's all demands. There is nothing really of story - it's a much more clear set of rules. There's a reflection based on all these readings due on friday - 2 pages typed. Shouldn't be a big deal, i'll have to make sure i do that before work tomorrow. Right now though, i'm gonna go to bed before my eyes shut by themselves. So, all you babes out in toyland - until tomorrow, farethee well.

Damn foxfield. Had to work until 11 tonight cause inventory didn't get started until 10. Course, no one was told to do inventory, because no supervisor works nights, because mike and dave work days and nicole only works about 3 nights a week. So, i stayed for an hour counting, recounting, and in general having a shitty time. Also, shrek and his now wife were wandering around being gross people. I had to do 13 recounts - and only 3 things got fixed when i did it. I also had to clean popper. I did a pretty shitty job on it, but foxfield is now closed. So, it's over to regal with all their different equipment. Kaylnn and steve hung out for quite a while tonight, doing everything from marquee to just wandering around. I tried to help autumn through econ - i love the girl, but she's a bit hard to tutor. i think it would have been better not to do it at work. She's rather... "easily distracted". However, you gotta give her some credit - she changed into her homecoming dress like 3 times. She looks absolutely amazing in it. I'm so sad that like 4 people have the same dress - it's really frustrating to see her upset and not be able to tell her what to do. There is no way that anyone else could look as good in it. She's all worried about looking like a slut or something - and she didn't! she looked so amazing... Anyway, enough about the amazing autumn. Back to me :-). I'm really excited about homecoming - got my senior shirt today (the ONLY senior class of 2001), and i'm so excited for next week!! Also, we open at regal on friday - that's gonna be nuts too. ther'es 15 people working on thursday night - if it's like that every night... I don't know if i like that place though, since i got stuck in the damn elevator. I'll just have to stick to the first floor i guess. I haven't stopped smiling all day - homecoming is gonna rock! Talked to jessie at lunch today - she said that we should go in a group with rebecca keyworth (who got really drunk this weekend at u of i?) and nikki ulibarri. Nikki is going with some guy named justin, and becca's gonig with palmer (who'd be fun to have in a group). Cole won't leave me alone - keeps talking about how i gotta "make sure she don't bite, man. that's sensitive skin down there." What an ass. as if all i'm looking for in a girl is to get some. I know lots of guys are like that, but i am not. I am just looking for a kickass homeocming, cause i haven't had one yet. Burned myself a jock jams cd so i can keep the energy pumping with 15 tracks of pure dance music... it's awesome to wake up to. English AP is still kicing my ass, and helping out autumn tonight didn't help that too much :-). It was fine though, i love helping her. I feel so dissapointed (in me, not her) that we didn't get farther. We're reading the bible in english - it's some crazy hard stuff to get through. SENIOR... POWER!!! Norths spirit week is this week - i'm hearing their school sucks at showing spirit :-). We're gonna kick ass this year, cause we've got 2x the number of kids of any other class. I'm in the tricycle race! my first year in homecmoing activities. I'm worried about looking as funny as some of the people out there though - it takes planning that i haven't done yet. Oh well. I think i'm gonna call this a night. Fare thee well, readers, and good luck to thee. -Christopher Robert Schmidt

9-24-01 part II
SCUBA Lessons are over! all i have left to do now is my certification dives this weekend. It's a huge weight off my back. However, school is still happening, which is a bigger weight :-) I'm also in the tricycle race for the small games! I get to ride a 2 ft high tricycle down and back across the gym... That's gonna rock. SENIOR POWER! Class of 2002 forever! I think that's all i've got to say right now. Besides the fact that i'm even more excited about getting a haircut after having my hair get all crapped up at the pool tonight while scubaing. A new haircut for a new workplace - the day i get my haircut is the day that we all start working at the mall... I'm excited about that too! Working at the mall is gonna be fun, cause 1. lots of people work there, and 2. i can go and buy a pair of pants or a cd or something on my break. that's gonna be so cool. course, with 18 theaters, it's gonna be crazy, but that's life. Anyway, i think i should go make sure i don't have any homework. I'll see ya'll later. -Senior Power Chris

Holy flirking shnit, batman. I have a date to homecoming :-) I decided to ask Jessie. It seems like we're gonna have a great time. I need to make dinner reservations and get our group together still, but i think it's gonna be awesome. I haven't stopped smiling all week :-). I'm tired of having a bad time at homecoming, and i think that i'm gonna have a really good time this year. Senior Year BABY!!! Asked for the whole week off from work... I'm getting my hair cut on thursday!!! No more shaggy chris!! I'm really excited about that too. I don't have a clue what it's gonna be like, but it won't be as annoying/troublesome as it is now, which is all i want. I hate the long hair, it's just too much work to deal with all the time. Also, senior pictures on next monday... That should be cool. Classes are going ok - 4 ap classes this year (Physics, Spanish, Calc BC, and EnglisH) and it's really hard. But i'm keeping up to a certain extent. I'm crazy happy about all this stuff going on. and being a SENIOR!!!
More stuff - on friday, we kicked norths ass in football (28-7) although they did score. We didn't play well, but it was fun. My voice is still totally gone. Tried to sing a couple times and decided i should give up. I couldnt' hit anything above an A, and i can usually hit an E :-). But it's cool. Market is going up today, finally. Up 323 right now. That should be a good thing, cause we don't want the US economy to kick the bucket right now. English AP is kicking my ass. However, the paper i wrote has been complimented by a lot of people in our class, so i think maybe i did ok. Econ is fun, mr. Haymond is hilarious. I feel bad for some of the people in there, who really are struggling to keep up. I hate it when i don't have trouble with something and others do - i feel like a dipshit cause it's easy and they don't think it is. I suppose there's nothing i can do about it, but i've been trying to help a couple of the people. I'm not a good teacher, but if you know stuff, at least you can answer questions. Lots of really nice people in that class too, so it's fun. On to more recent stuff...
I got stuck in an elevator last night. AN ELEVATOR. at work. While at foxfield last night, i was told to go help clean up the new theater we're moving to. After Mike Mayotte and I were working for a while, we took a break and went to look for our manager. after we couldn't find him, we went upstairs to look around for him. We just explored up there for a while and then we decided to go back and see if we could find him. When coming back down we took the elevator down. It got stuck about 5 feet from the top (just stopped), and we had to push the button that calls the fire department. The fire department then came and knocked so our manager would let them in. No one we work with even knew we were missing for 15 minutes. We were in there for about 25 minutes total, after the fire deparment came and let us out. If Don and Jodi and Kelly had left 10 minutes earlier, the fire department would have had a lot more trouble getting in, cause everything was locked up. Luckily, he didn't, and the FD let us out and everything. It was a pretty scary thing though.
I think this is my biggest entry ever, so i'm just gonna cut it off here. I hope you guys don't mind me just blabbing and blabbgin, but my fingers were wide awake today. Hope to talk to ya'll soon! -Chris

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