Grumpy and Me, circa 1987

Pinewood derby from 1994. I'm in the middle - tony's the left, dave the right.

This picture was taken in 1996. It is my 6th grade picture before i got braces. Scary!

This picture was taken in 1996.

This picture was taken in 1997.This is after i had a retainer for a year. Much better.

98 id

My 1998 ID.

My 1999 ID.

This is a yearbook 1999 picture.

Another 1999 picture.

This is a yearbook 2000 picture - don't i look cool. I think this
was the last picture I ever took with braces on.

Homecoming 2000.

Picture taken in April of 2001. Not a great pic, but hey, it's something, right?

Philmont 2001. i'm the second from the left in the first row.

Homecoming 2001. We're the middle 2.

Prom 2002. Sarah and I at Prom.


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