Bio/Chem Projects

Please note: all these projects are now over a year old. the main reason for having this page on here at all is merely for the pictures link. Check the other stuff out if you want, but unless some new bio/chem kid gives me new stuff, it won't be updated.

Pictures for bio/chem.Bio/Chem Pictures

Summer Research Project. Due 11/1/99.

Carbon in Respiration-What does it do? Due 2/2/00

The paper portion of my bio/chem project. Scored 2/4.

My Chart. Scored 8/8.

Overall, i scored 13/15. Same as Cole Lohman. :-)

First Genetic Project: Due 2/11/00

Interrelationships between DNA, chromosomes, genes, nucleotides, nitrogen bases, and alleles.

My 1st genetic project.

Second Genetic Project: Due 2/28/00

My cell picture. Is this right?

2nd Floor Diagram

Analogies for cell

Journal Entries: Due 3/6/00

After a long wait, i've come back with my final-aqui esta

The course description for the St. Charles Integrated Biology and Chemistry course.

The official bio/chem website. By the one and only Mrs. Natilie Nelson. Bio/Chem Web Page


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