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My Little Ponies - A request from a big fan of these 1980's toys, this page exhibits some of the best pictures of these jewels available on the web.

Dave Matthews Band Review of 7.6.01

Notes from me to the world

Jon Frost's prodigy page. Freaky page with some cool little features. Still being updated fairly often, check back for more.

Looking for a get rich scheme? well, at one point you could have done it with nothing more than dimes. Find out how in the story of the week.


Today is

U of I Residents - Links, info, etc.

Cool Javascript stuff... atleast imho.

An 8 ball to read your future...
For Entertainment use only! Any actions advertised by this 8 ballare merely the ideas of the 8-ball. No blame shall be placed onor near the creator of this web page.

A calculator of the Drake Equation
Any Self-respecting science fiction fan should know the DrakeEquation. It's a formula that determines how many intelligentspecies there are in this universe.

Other links...

For all you Sailor Moon lovers out there
This page was created using pictures and information from the Cartoon Network site. I stole shamelesssy, and copying and pasting is my idea of "sufficient change" for copyrightlaws to not get me. Enjoy this page of info. about this Anime!

I finally got some pictures of me onhere.
Please note - some of these pictures are VERY old. Laugh if you want, but i attempt to provide an accurate record of what i've looked like over the past 6 or 7 years.

A Virtual tour of STCE High school.
Since these images were taken, there has been an infestation ofmold discovered in the school. Our health was deemed at risk andas such, we have not even been allowed into the school toretrieve materials. What i'd like to know is, why were we allowedto be taught there for so many years if it's so dangerous that wecan't go in for 5 minutes and get our gym uniforms?

My DMB Tradelist. Check out more DMB lovers.
Dave Matthews Band is well known across America for their music.Since the beginning, this band has allowed tapers to record their live music. This is just the few shows that i have recieved from the kind fans of this musically talented band.

Internet Shortcuts - Ever wondered what someone says when they mean AFK, IAW, or TTFN? If so, checkthis out. It's a short list, but that's just cause i'm lazy.There are many more, and i plan on adding them whenever i usethem.

Ever wanted to get inside my head? Well now you can, by checking out this web page that's all aboutme!

A tribute to yearbook editors and staffeverywhere. They sorely deserve a round of applause that theyseldom get. This page is just a quick thank you to those whodeserve so much more.

Pictures of the car i can generally be seen driving - exclusively available here!

Ever spent 500 dollars on a 3 ounce piece of metal? Well, i didn't quite do that - but close enough. yes, if you guessed it's my class ring you'd be right. I love the ring - but that's a ridiculousamount of money.

Ever heard a word you just thought was funny? well, here at my web page, we have. Thus, the list of funny words, started by our contributing member, Erin.

By request, i've added pictures of more cars than just my old cadillac. All of these images are copyrighted by someone who isn't me - but then again, the only image on this page i created is the buttonbar onthe bottom.

How many days til your birthday? this quick page gives access to people who you can check - or you can add your own!


School Stuff

My (unofficial) Bio/Chem Web Page.
Although bio/chem is over, i like to show how hard it is. Thisclass was good for one thing - the people. Anyone who tells youotherwise is either a liar or a damn fool. The best part of thisis the pics



A Frosty site that will " chill your chest" . Check out the page of the frost! Noo, not that one, or that one. Ohhh just go already!

"Theworld has named me Eurydice."
And thus begins our journey into the mind of EpyonTM - theglowing star among the tumbleweeds that we are. Just a small page by Meghan that I liked, and thought i'd share with all of you.

The Beer Test.
This for "guys only" test brought to you by theboobmeister. Check it out. Realize however, that this is extremely sexist - if you are bothered by things like that, thendon't look at it (DUH!)

My Little Ponies - A request from a big fan of these 1980's toys, this page exhibits some of the best pictures of these jewels available on the web.


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